product/package design: revlon’s charlie redesign proposal for body fragrance

ceft and company new york was engaged by revlon UK for the relaunch of charlie fragrance brands. the agency created a 5-year plan that included positioning, identity, brand partnerships, exclusive distribution plans, scent creation, as well as packaging design and limited edition bottles. the first element due to be revealed to the UK public was the redesign of the outdated body fragrance packaging, which supports a large portion of charlie’s sales. above are a few of the original designs that were discussed for production.

the wisp design on the product packaging taps into the psyche, triggering the senses of sight and smell. the colors reflect back to charlie’s heritage packs for existing user identification, and welcome the new addition of more subtle colors for the new NPD’s such as black, nude, silver, lavender. the agency created quotes that reflect the personality of charlie as she once was, and each pack carries its own custom created quote such as,¬†“confidence can not be bought… just worn proudly” or,¬†“dream big… and don’t ever forget your lipstick” and the unforgettable¬†“it’s o.k. to be a little bad… as long as you make it up with a little good”.

based on fragrance and beauty research gathered in UK and south africa, the agency recommended the idea of “the layering strategy” and with the help of revlon’s fragrance house, concocted various combinations with similar base notes and variant top notes to encourage secondary purchase. view all work related to this project.