logo/identity: alpha-a development

we designed the range of logos shared with fashion label alpha a. the range is impressive in itself; a reminder that naming and identity are first and foremost a very personal and subjective matter. what you may like may very well not be the one finally selected. guess which one made the cut? answer at the bottom.

a modern favorite of ours, reminding us of the original art deco lanvin logo with feminine character, classic heritage, and a modern spirit.

very close to what the brand had in mind but not quite close enough… our feeling was that this ligature was difficult to understand or read and that alpha should ideally be spelled out.

here we created a customized font to separate the alpha from the a’s.

this one is abstract; it could work as a logo mark in conjunction with a logo type, but is difficult to have stand on its own.

getting close, but not close enough.

contrarily, none of the above designs were selected as the final logo. the final logo design provided by the brand was used on the first campaign created by ceft and company, and you can see the campaign and the final logo here. view all work related to this project.