the business of communication

ceft and company was established in 2003. it was created to fill a gap in the industry and offer what until then was simply unavailable.

from its start, the agency focused on communication and not mediums. their projects have spanned many genres such as: strategy & positioning, product & packaging design, television, digital & social media, event & store design, advertising campaigns & identity, as well as content creation.

the new york based agency opened its doors with moet & chandon as its first client, and has since been working with a selective multinational client base including LVMH, nike, estee lauder, net-a-porter, revlon, pepsi, and l’oreal. the word-of-mouth reputation for its strategic work combined with immaculate execution has won the agency numerous international awards, from effies (for effective work) to various accolades from the monaco world luxury awards (awarded for the highest standards of execution).


case study 1: net-a-porter

ceft and company new york collaborated with net-a-porter, fashions premier e-commerce destination, to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of their beauty division. the agency worked with key clients to create, design, and produce an interactive and on-brand environment that entertained, educated, and encouraged conversations in the press and on social media channels.


net-a-porter beauty 1 year anniversary event reached 13 million impressions in just 3 days.


david olsen, vice president, global beauty, net-a-porter

“What are the business goals of this creative project?” He and his team are the rare combination of creative minds with ROI at the forefront of the execution. They don’t just put up something amazing in a timely and professional manner and consider budgets, but they also create amazing work with return and business goals consistently top of mind questioning the need for certain elements all along the way. The results speak for themselves and our entire business was blown away! I look forward to working with him again and highly recommend his company for anyone interested in the services they offer.”


case study 2: pepsi

ceft and company new york was engaged by pepsi to create an influencer event for pepsi’s g-series pro in new york for a select 75 guests; including those from the press elite, bloggers, and the world of professional sports. the agency turned georgio deluca’s (of dean & deluca) penthouse apartment into a pro-athlete’s dream pad, showcasing how for a pro, sports and life are inseparable.


the launch event for pepsi’s g-series pro gained 119 million impression within 3 weeks.


the viral video to promote pepsi’s g-series pro contributed over 27 million impressions.



case study 3: whbm

ceft and company new york’s collaboration with white house black market, a fashion retailer, aimed to broaden the brands’ stature.

while not all success can be attributed to communication, consequently company stocks in Q3 climbed 57.4% within 12 months of partnership.

the agency produced a series of television spots over a span of 15 months. within one week, the premier spot received 270,000 views on youtube alone and produced more web traffic in two weeks than all previous efforts combined.

the buzz from the TV spots appeared across social media. one “tweet” kindly stated:

“i fast forwarded thru the commercials on my TiVo except for the @whbm new one with @cocorocha. for that one, i stopped, backed up and watched it twice.” – helen teske @helenteske

if interested, we encourage you to view the post showing some unprompted comments and discussions about the work from consumers on facebook, youtube and other social media by clicking here and discover the behind the scenes on how it all came together here.


client testimonials

hear from some of our past clients and their experiences with ceft and company:

remi fritsch, business director and director of bespoke, berluti

“ucef has an outstanding understanding of brand DNAs and founding stories, as well as a natural affinity with luxury brands. a strategic thinker, he brings tremendous value in early stages of brand strategy work. he is also able to source remarkable talent for implementing it – both within ceft and company and outside. he excels at running the creation, production and execution phases. he is extremely reliable, reactive, and communicative with his client. his seniority and expertise allow him to understand his clients P&L, objectives, and his creative talents are always geared towards clients ROI.”

julia goldin, global chief marketing officer, revlon

“Ucef has a truly unique combination of global cultural sensitivity, divine aesthetic and strategic creativity. He was a great partner in building aspirational, visionary creative communication for the Charlie brand as he was able to holistically embrace all touch points of the brand, from packaging to product innovation to communication and brand experience. He is passionately committed to his projects and the overall commercial success of the brand which makes him a great partner.”

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