social media: katla garment hangtag doubles as social media tool

katla is a sustainable and fully traceable fashion brand routed in iceland and manufactured in the united states, using organic and mindful materials.

engineered design : we asked a simple question: “what is the use of a hangtag to an end-user, especially in today’s world of home delivery, e-comm and direct-to-consumer marketing?”

while hangtags are informative and have a tracking function for the manufacturer, the end-users often simply discard them upon receipt. “intelligent design” can now give them a reason not to.

use this hangtag and frame to show what katla means to you. share it for a chance to win cash and more of what you love.

1- use this “katla photo frame” template to take a picture of what katla means to you
2- post it on your instagram feed and tag @katlaforce

we may repost your image and tag you. each month, the account associated to the image with the most likes will receive a $200 credit towards any future katla purchase.

user @ic_ _ _ forever

user @to_ _ _ started

user @lo_ _ _ scx

user @mari_ _ _

user @ita_ _ _ secret

for katla, ceft and company designed the logo, identity, typography, brand elements, packaging, labels, hangtags, limited edition collab butter hoodie, digital consulting, as well as this integrated social media effort. more to come. view all work related to this project. visit to learn more about the brand and to support a new force in fashion.