news: SF AIDS foundation campaign a success

OBIE best of show.

4 WADC awards for single ads as well as the campaign.

the campaign was a success in more than the expected manner. most importantly to us, the communication, targeted at a very difficult and particular audience, worked, driving traffic and forcing the SF aids foundation to accommodate the unexpected requests for assistance on their help-line as well as at their shelters.

…this was rewarding for us, knowing how much time everyone had invested on research, on site volunteering as well as, of course, the creation of the work itself.

 yet more unexpected for us, it also caught the eyes of an audience which we did not target at all… the advertising community, making the campaign a case-study at the APG annuals which awarded the work with a gold status. this in a year where there was no bronze, just a gold for this campaign and a silver for a 3rd winner, leaving a silver gap between the most accomplished work and the next contender. the campaign also won numerous awards including the WADC, APG, 2 OBIE awards, for single print and campaign, as well as a 3rd for best of show.  view all work related to this project.