collateral: T-shirts for san francisco aids foundation program NXCH

“this time, don’t do something for someone else. take care of your own body. use a new
rig. be self-serving and put yourself first. this time it’s not about anybody else. it’s about you.”

as an effort to maintain the kids on the street away from AIDS and other diseases associated to intravenous drug use, we created printed t-shirts with instructions on how to bleach your needle properly. the instructions were printed upside down on the bottom of the shirts. the idea was to give the kids a chance to survive the streets and be able to recover once they actually kicked the habit. when seated, the user could pull the shirt out and have access to proper instructions for cleaning their “rigs”. as this whole society was rather underground and always on the run, it was crucial that the t-shirts would remain anonymous. therefor there was no logo or mention of NXCH ever printed, just a simple red line mirroring the red tag on the ads. it was printed under the right arm as an inside indicator to those who knew. the tees were handed out free of charge as clothing to the kids while also carrying a non-aggressive message from a true friend. view all work related to this project.